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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Centre for Assessment

Centre for Assessment is a leading, national certification body, working with organisations in all sectors and of all sizes to achieve a range of recognised, robust and value-adding Standards. Our team of over 150 experienced, expert assessors can certify your business against a quality mark suited to your needs: ISO9001, Lexcel, and Valuing People to name just three.

Based on research into customer expectations for outstanding service provision, the Customer Service Excellence Standard was designed to reward businesses that have a truly customer-focused culture. It also has a proven track record as a tool for continuous improvement. Customer Service Excellence provides a framework that your business can use to evaluate what is working and what requires change, what should be celebrated and what should be developed further.

Centre for Assessment can give you all the tools to enable you to achieve this respected customer service certification, helping your organisation flourish.

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