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How To Improve Your Customer Experience

 It has been predicted that by the year 2020, customer experience will be the key brand differentiator. So… it might be time for you to start thinking about what your company can do to improve your customers’ experience with your brand. And we at Call & Contact Centre Expo are here to help you do just that! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you improve your customer journey:

Value the Importance of Customer Experience

The times where businesses could win over customers based solely on product and price are over! Nowadays, it’s all about how people recieve your brand. Consumers will be more attracted to your brand if you are likeable, trustworthy and credible.

Consumers are willing to pay more for a quality customer experience, so it really is worth its weight in gold! Once you have come up with a winning formula that beats your direct competitors’ offerings, then you need to start capitalising on it.

Excellent customer service is an extremely influential USP that other companies will struggle to compete with. Understanding the importance of customer experience will not only help you keep existing customers, it will help you attract new customers too.

Your Product or Service Is Still Important

Great customer service needs to be backed up by your product or service. Excellent customer service is superfluous if what you’re offering doesn’t meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. Both product and customer experience need to work together to ensure customers are satisfied with every aspect of your company… and if what you have to offer is good enough, customers may be willing to pay a higher price for it!

Feedback Should Always Be Welcomed  

Without feedback, you won’t be able to improve and your business may flatline. You need to make it easy for customers to provide you with information on your company’s performance, whether it’s positive or negative.

Don’t Forget Your Employees!

It should be common knowledge that happy employees = happy customers, so use customer feedback to motivate your team. Negative feedback can be used in a constructive manner to help employees improve. Of course, employees should be informed of positive feedback as it will boost morale and engagement.

Technology is Key

Utilising technology will add many strings to a company’s bow. It can improve communication, decrease mistakes and can help you maintain a high level of consistency.

Tech like CRM systems aren’t even that expensive anymore, and sometimes you can even get them for free! These systems will help you monitor and record customer communications.

Automated customer service systems will save you a great deal of time as every member of staff will have access to the same information, resulting in an easy and stress free customer journey for all involved.

Be Proactive

You should ALWAYS be the one to reach out to the customer, not the other way around. Your customer should never have to chase you for vital bits of information. After your customer has placed an order, they should be provided with confirmation, dispatch information, delivery updates and feedback forms.

Speed Is of the Essence

The power of social media is not to be underestimated, so you need to learn how to react quickly to any issues that arise. This will keep the customer happy, but also stop any complaints going viral on social media. Social media has such a strong hold over us now, that negative experiences can be shared with family, friends and the worldwide web within seconds.

There’s no way of hiding them, negative reviews are going to impact your company, as people will trust the word of their friends more than they trust you. With this in mind, keeping negative reviews to a minimum is essential. By responding quickly on social media and dealing with any pressing issues as quickly as possible, you are providing customers with a more personalised brand experience.

Customers Go for Ease

When there are no other factors separating your company from your rivals; the customer will always choose the one that makes the buying process the easiest. No customer wants the buying process to be difficult or stressful. Get rid of as many unnecessary touchpoints as possible, making the buying process easy and stress free.

Communications Need to Be Consistent

Potential customers can now research your company using a variety of platforms including websites, social media, adverts and emails, so you need to make sure that all these platforms provide customers with the same information. Making these platforms user friendly needs to be of top priority; customers will leave the page they are on if they have to work hard to find the information they need.