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3 Ways to Win Your Customers' Trust Using CX

Customer experience is the key differentiator in businesses and sets you apart from your competitors. Once you’ve mastered the art of using customer experience and customer feedback to your advantage, there’s nothing holding you back from becoming the best out there.  

1. Empower the client and offer ways to solve problems

Starting with the very first contact, customers want to feel that they have the power. You need to provide them with every channel that they could possibly want to contact you through. It doesn’t matter if it’s online, mobile, on the phone, instant messaging or chat, they like to feel empowered, so make sure you give them the choice and the decision to make. Just make it fast and make it easier.

2. Record feedback to improve and build

In order to make sure you reach the point where you want to be, you need to set your goals as well as be aware where you are at the present moment. Knowing what your base rock looks like is the starting point and everything grows from there. After all of that is established, make sure you use the feedback you get constructively, both from inside and outside. Once you’ve found things that can be improved, act upon them and make sure you let everyone know, so they know their opinions matter!

3. Go the extra-mile to meet your customer’s needs

Everyone wants to feel special! So why not offer this to your customer with every experience they get? Always try to go the extra mile to meet their interests. If you have provided them with various ways of contacting you, you need to be present in all of them. Respond to their needs whenever they reach out, and make each of their experiences as personalised as you can.