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A New Love Story Between Knowledge Base and Voice Assistance Services

With the rapidly growing popularity of voice assistants, retailers and service providers have long realized that to stay ahead of the market, embedding voice assistants into their service array is now a necessity.

Just recently, Marriott Hotels has added Amazon’s Alexa as part of their new guest service. Guests will now be able to perform actions like control connected devices, order room service, book a spa appointment or simply ask any question and receive an instant answer. This growth of voice assistance services has expanded into households with smart speakers.

Voice assistants and their AI capabilities can do amazing things. On the other hand, they are only as good as the data when are feeding them. In an unfortunate case with a Twitter bot named “Tay”, built by Microsoft, Microsoft was forced to shut it down. Within the short 16-hours of being launched, someone fed the bot with hate speech and Nazi propaganda. Needless to say, “Tay” was quickly booted off Twitter for posting highly inappropriate content.

At KMS, we focus on helping companies to properly structure their data in Lighthouse, making it easier and faster to provide answers and still be scalable for AI tools like chatbots and voice assistants.

Early this year, KMS lighthouse performed a successful integration with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Yandex Alice. The integration allowed our customers to choose what data they would like to externalize to their customers. With KMS lighthouse, our customers have been able to significantly reduce interaction between callers and agents and in return improve their customer loyalty.

Here are some use case examples of how the KMS lighthouse knowledge based can enhance customer communication with instant answers:


A customer would like to know the new rate plans that their Telecom provider has to offer. All they have to do is ask Google or Alexa (given they added their providers’ an action or a skill), and they will in turn receive an instant answer about the rate plans. By enabling the transactional functionality, the caller will also be able to switch plans instantly and receive an SMS to their phone without any contact with a sales or customer care representative.  


A banking service would like to improve ‘time to resolution’ using Lighthouse’s API’s with Voice Assistance. After connecting the Lighthouse program to Alexa,Google Home or Yandex,  the customer can ask their home assistant while driving or even sitting on their sofa. They can ask “what interest your bank is offering for a savings account and what is needed to perform the action. This technology enables them to make an instant decision without calling to a call centre and setting up an appointment at the bank, thereby avoiding a long process which in today’s busy world could result in the customer simply not doing it and risking losing another customer.

To reduce your ‘time to resolution and increase your NPS to your customers, investing in a good knowledge base is key.