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Meet the Keynote: Nick Irons, Lead UX Designer of John Lewis

We are delighted to welcome Nick Irons, Lead UX Designer at John Lewis to the Keynote roster for the Customer & User Experience Expo 2019! If you want to hear insight into how John Lewis have used UX & UI to retain their ever-growing customer base, you’re in luck, as registration for the show is officially open!

Nick started his professional life as an actor and occasional writer. During his fourteen year career, he performed lead or supporting roles in over thirty films, TV and theatre projects. In 2005 he taught himself how to design and build websites leading to a sideline in web and presentation design, with clients as varied as cinematographers, sculptors, telcos, and energy startups. In 2009, Nick moved fully into digital design and content. After completing a masters degree in digital media he spent a year working for leading DOOH production company Grand Visual before founding his own digital creative agency.

In 2016 a consultancy gig for BT turned into a full-time design role where he spent two years leading the design of numerous projects including Help & Support, winner of the 2018 Best Digital Transformation Project Glotel award. He joined John Lewis & Partners in September, and is currently leading the design of a new loyalty proposition.

In his seminar entitled Avalanche! Avoiding the Heuristic Traps of User Experience, Nick will discuss the consequences of falling into what are known as heuristic traps, which, in the snow-capped mountains, can be fatal. He will use the principle of heuristic traps in skiing and mountaineering to illustrate some of the mistakes that are commonly made in UX and UI design, and demonstrate how, whilst rarely fatal, they can be highly damaging to our careers or business success.

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