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Arnaud Cave: Speaking at the Customer and User Experience Expo

Arnaud Cave

Marketing Director  -  Kiamo

Beyond digital CX myths : what do customers really expect from contact centres ?

Last years came with all the new promises of the digital transformation. Companies tried to keep up with their customer relationship by always proposing new media to communicate. But if we take a closer look, they have created a monster they cannot control anymore. Too many technologies, too many tools that aren’t talking to eachother… resulting in a lack of efficiency for most contact centres. It is time to go back to basics: considering your customer & his expectations.

3 key delegate takeaways:
- Although some customer behaviour may differ from country to country, basics remain the same
- Having many technologies is not helping your CX if you don’t have a solution to unify your customers exchanges
- Efficiency is key to your customer centric strategy

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