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Genesys: Sponsor of Keynote Theatre 1

Keynote Theatre 1: Sponsored by Genesys

    • Wednesday

      Dr Peter Brooks: Speaking in the Keynote Theatre 1

      11.45 - 12.15

      Dr Peter Brooks

      Taking behavioural science from parlour games to intelligent design

      Human decision making is a mess of conflicting biases and inconsistencies. It's easy to show how people fail basic tests of rational decisions but how do we take the insights of behavioural science and actually help people make better decisions? This seminar will challenge you to think not only of great user experiences but also of how people interact with you in unexpected ways.

      Nienke Ris: Speaking in the Keynote Theatre 1

      12.30 - 13.00

      Nienke Ris

      The Importance of an Innovative Culture For Success

      To drive strong customer experience, it's key for organizations to focus on their employee experience and foster an innovative culture. In this keynote Nienke Ris will share the ingredients of an innovative culture to drive more business growth and increase the level of happiness of your employees.

      David Ruiz: Speaking in the Keynote Theatre 1

      13.15 - 13.45

      David Ruiz
      e.Voyageurs SNCF

      A trip from commodity improvement to emotionally engaged experiences

      Mobility is perceived as a commodity in a daily basis, essentially forgettable, whereas it could also be highly emotional. Who has never been late because of a transport incident? or moved by the arrival or departure of someone in a train station? In this presentation we’ll have an operational vision of how we are trying to continuously improve our CX to ensure a trustful commodity and an emotionally engaged service.

      Jamie Anderson: Speaking in the Keynote Theatre 1

      14.45 - 15.15

      Jamie Anderson
      User Testing

      Empathy and Intuition: Two Driving Factors for Business Growth

      Companies spend billions of dollars creating digital initiatives to better serve the connected consumer, but as they’ve gone about it, too many businesses are forgetting a crucial element—the need to engage with customers on a human level. Join us to learn how you can bridge the empathy gap between your company and your customer to drive business growth. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: - Key steps to scaling customer empathy across your organization - The growth benefits of developing customer intuition and empathy - Learn who is getting it right and how they are using Human Insight to become leaders in customer loyalty

      Nick King: Speaking in the Keynote Theatre 1

      15.30 - 16.00

      Nick King

      The future of retailing. Is it all going online?

      How long before online really takes off for Car buying or house purchases? What age groups have embraced this and is this the end of the high street retailer? Is virtual reality and artificial intelligence the answer? Nick will highlight the opportunities and threats these pose and deliver insights in to what the future will look like and how we can all succeed.