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Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

    • Wednesday

      Duncan Thomas: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      11.00 - 11.30

      Duncan Thomas

      Preparing for the changing world of digital personalisation.

      Personalisation is fast becoming a hot topic. You may believe it’s the domain of e-tailers, this is not true. Today every marketer must understand the impact of their customers’ demands to be understood as individuals. Whether B2B or B2C, the future success of your business is determined by the strength of your customer relationships. Without understanding how personalisation impacts your business, you are simply opening your customer base up to be poached. 3 key delegate takeaways: • How to set the foundations for personalisation in place • Avoiding the costly mistakes • Building the commercial business case

      Nick Millward: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      11.45 - 12.15

      Nick Millward

      RCS Messaging: How to Transform Customer Engagement

      Join this seminar to learn about the next gen messaging service, RCS RCS (Rich Communication Services) is redefining business messaging by taking everything consumers love about SMS and adding rich media, interactive tools and enhanced capabilities, creating an omni-channel messaging service that improves the customer experience and leads to higher engagement rates for consumer-focused campaigns. Three key delegate takeaways: Why mobile messaging is the preferred channel for consumers How RCS messaging can reduce customer service costs and increase ROI How to develop an omni-channel strategy with RCS

      Fredrik Ronnlund: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      12.30 - 13.00

      Fredrik Ronnlund
      Leadoo Marketing Technologies

      Why 99% of your website visitors don't convert and how to fix it with better UX?

      On average companies convert only 1% of their website visitors and it's because of poor UX. Leadoo Marketing Technologies founder Mikael da Costa points three of the biggest mistakes and how to fix them. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: How to create better UX How to increase website conversion +30-70% How to deliver better service to your website visitors

      Vladimir Stritesky: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      13.15 - 13.45

      Vladimir Stritesky
      Cortex a.s.

      Using more solutions for customer program? Merge them or perish!

      Loyalty programs are often managed in corporations using separate software for e-shops and brick-and-mortar stores. The duality causes problems with smooth campaign execution, complete 360-degree customer view, and information flow. The future of loyalty programs lies in one centralized back-end administration system for all platforms, including e-shops, stores, mobile apps, and kiosks. Merged solution allows for the abolition of vouchers, and discount codes, which are applied automatically based on the customer segment. Three key delegate takeaways: The future lies in merging loyalty programs for an e-shop, brick-and-mortar store, and mobile app. Decrease overhead costs and the possibility of human error by merging customer program solutions. Increase CUX by abolishing vouchers and discount codes – apply rewards automatically based on customer segments.

      Michael Steingress: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      14.00 - 14.30

      Michael Steingress
      More than Metrics

      Journey Map Operations TM – A customer centric management tool for organisations

      Journey Map Operations allows you to set up a management structure to coordinate customer experience across organisational silos. It helps to operationalise your journey maps and create a multi-level structure, starting from high-level maps (customer lifecycle) that connect to multiple sub-level maps. The latter include personas and deal with specific journeys / challenges, whereas the high-level ones sum up KPIs, projects, what if scenarios. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: - how to coordinate customer journey maps across teams - how to connect planned and ongoing projects with journey maps - how this helps to embed and scale service design within an organisation

      Mark Horwood: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      14.45 - 15.15

      Jay Thattai: Speaking in the Customer + User Experience - Theatre 7

      15.30 - 16.00

      Jay Thattai

      How delightful is your customer journey?

      In this digitally transformed world, Word Of Mouth Marketing is still the most consistent cost-effective technique. What drives word of mouth in 2020? It’s not the price, product or promotion. It’s the Customer eXperience (CX) that drives repeat & referral business. This session is for businesses (MSME & large enterprises) to understand & fix the CX gaps in their customer journey. Let’s humanize digital experiences for a delightful customer experience. 3 key delegate takeaways from session: -Measuring customer journeys - With the key CX metrics. -Rating your customer journey - An interactive self-assessment. -Fixing disruptions in the customer journey - Causes & solutions.